Hi Everyone! I am Marcelo Lewin, the Program Manager for DeLLiVR and the guy behind HowToCreateVR.com. Here you’ll find a bunch of useful tutorials from my website and a sneak peak at what you will get when attending this conference, produced by Future Media Concepts. Keep coming back as we’ll publish a new tutorial weekly.


Removing Objects From 360-Degree Videos with Mocha Pro 2019

In this tutorial by HowToCreateVR.com, guest creator Mary Poplin, an accomplished VFX artist and product specialist for Boris FX, shows us how to remove an object from a 360-degree video using Mocha Pro 2019. She shows you how to identify the object, create various masks and rotoscope the object out, leaving a clean plate underneath the object.


How To Build a Spawner in Amazon Sumerian

In this tutorial by HowToCreateVR.com, guest creator Kirby Shabaga, an AR and VR developer shows us how to build a spawner in Amazon Sumerian. Not sure what a spawner is? It’s a way to make your experiences more efficient by “spawning” multiple entities out of just one asset.


VR Prototyping Series: From Maya to Unreal

In this tutorial by HowToCreateVR.com, guest creator John Bernhelm, a game industry veteran who fell in love with the Oculus DK2 in 2014shows you how to export a character from Maya and import it into Unreal.