DELLiVR Opening Keynote

Gary Radburn, Director, VR & AR, Dell

Listen to an inspiring talk about the VR and AR industry. Why you and your company will be affected by immersive technologies very soon and why you need to start creating them today to stay relevant in the future.

In-Depth Hands-On Field Workshop: 180°/360° Video Production and Post (Advanced Level)

Nick Harauz

The 360/VR video industry continues to grow with more channels for consuming immersive content than ever before. Combine this with new, affordable and evolved spherical cameras that simplify how you capture footage, and you have an industry on the verge of exploding. 360/VR is here to stay, and this field workshop is about getting you up and running in 360, providing you a thorough understanding of the workflow from production to post.

In this 2-day comprehensive workshop, Nick Harauz will empower attendees with the appropriate tools, knowledge and hands-on experience required to create their next immersive masterpiece and easily distinguish between their zenith and nadir.

The workshop is designed to provide:
The most thorough overview of 360/VR content creation. We’ll take a look at its history, where it is to and future considerations – all while using 360 technology hands-on.

Maximize creativity and efficiency creating appealing 360 content and provide practical tips and practices and workflow advice attendees may apply to their very next 360 project.

You will learn:

What is 360/VR video and how do you make it immersive
A brief history of 360
Production and Post considerations before heading out to the field
An overview of 360 and 180 cameras available on the market
Ambisonic Sound recording
Lighting techniques and considerations
Hands- on time with current 360/VR cameras
Hands on experience on location filming with 360/VR gear

Day 2

You will learn:
An overview of stitching
Stitching footage with Mistika VR
Importing 360/VR Footage in Premiere Pro
Viewing 360 content
Editing and Reorienting 360 footage
Adding 360 transitions and effects
Applying Text and Graphics
Working and Monitoring Ambisonic sound
Performing a Basic Camera Rig Removal in After Effects
Exporting our 360/VR projects to youtube and Vimeo

Oculus Media Studio What Is It? Why Do You Need To Be In It?

Al Caudullo

One of the big announcements at Oculus Connect 6 this year was about Oculus Media Studio. As it was described there, Oculus Media Studio is a new set of tools that make it simple for creators to upload, publish, and analyze their immersive content.

It will be coupled with Oculus TV soon as a central hub where you can discover and watch media on your #OculusGo, #OculusQuest, and #GearVR. This gives access to every Oculus Headset on the market and with the constant hunger for content growing this is the perfect place to showcase your work. But not everyone can get accepted.

How do you get in?
What are they looking for?
What content are they looking for?

These answers and much more.

The Tools That Every VR Creator Needs

Al Caudullo

While Premiere and After Effects offer you the basic toolset there are many more out there. What are the ones that are best? What non-VR toolsets works well with VR?

I will go over the best of the best and show you how to use them in your workflow. This is a must-see session for serious VR Immersive Creators.

Beyond The Screen. Storytelling In Immersive Media (AR,MR,VR,XR)

Chris Bobotis

When the screen in front of us becomes the world around us, new possibilities are opened – not just for entertainment, but for virtually any type of content or experience. Hear from Chris Bobotis, former head of Immersive at Adobe and Founding Partner at Mettle, whose job is to help artists, filmmakers, and creative visionaries bring their talents to the new canvas and re-discover – or even reinvent – the art of narrative. Whether inventing new forms of creative expression, transforming customer experiences or igniting new business models, we can re-invent storytelling and content creation tools as we know them. Join us as we discuss storytelling in the context of technology and explore the evolution of stories across mediums.

Mettle Products for Immersive Content Creation (AR,MR,VR,XR).

Chris Bobotis

Chris Bobotis will showcase some of the Mettle products for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. He will walk you through both AR & VR use cases and workflows. Chris will also touch on the notion of “Spatial Computing” and illustrate why true 3D is becoming increasingly important.

Pitching 360 VR Projects to Clients & How We Win & Deliver Them!

Lionel Chok

Received a 360 production enquiry from a client? Or know one whom you like to pitch to?

Either way, pitching and winning commissioned-based 360 for VR projects isn’t quite the same as for traditional media; and delivering them upon completion can be quite a learning process as well.

So, what is the secret behind this? Or is there any, at all?

In this session, Lionel Chok from iMMERSiVELY will share his experience and learnings from their past 360 for VR projects – and the behind-the-scenes experiences of what transpired from enquiry to delivery.

Conceptualizing – Scripting & Directing 360 Narratives for VR

Lionel Chok

While traditional media such as film and video utilises frame and shot compositions to creatively line up montage to tell a story, a frameless medium like 360 for VR has proved to be challenging for many. How does one conceptualise – script or even direct a 360 VR narrative? And how do you differentiate between dramatic and documentary? Are there 360 VR techniques we should know about and how do we harness them for that experiential delivery?

In this session, Lionel Chok from iMMERSiVELY will share his experience and perspective of how one is able to creatively utilise various, different skillset – to effectively conceptualise, Script and Direct for the 360 VR medium.

Immersive Audio Trends and Tools

Amy Delouise

Immersive productions differ from those made for stereo and surround sound in their audio
production workflow, primarily because of the need to populate the Z axis with audio. We’ll look at trends and tools for gathering spatial audio in the field, and some strategies for an immersive mix.

F1 Case Study – High Engagement Marketing using HR 360 Video

Andrew Psarianos

Singapore F1 wanted to bring attention back to race – apart from their high-ticket sales for concerts.

We created a suite of marketing tools that were used on a roadshow around Singapore to promote the F1 and experience the excitement of a race lap from the drivers point of view.

The session content will be based around the VR 360 content we produced for the Singapore F1 race; it was a marketing initiative that they engaged us for. We designed and created three VR experiences that were part of a country wide roadshow to promote the F1 race.

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